5 Fashion Trends From Sabyasachi’s New Collection

Beginning of this week Sabysachi Mukherjee released his Sping/Summer 2019 bridal collection all over social media and we couldn’t resist but to write about the eye spotting fashion trends from the collection…

Which Hand Jewellery Are You?

Hand jewellery are becoming incredibly popular for brides, whether it would be for their wedding day or pre-wedding events.

Arch Aesthetics – Bridal Packages

I’m really excited to write about my Vendor of the Week this week – Arch Aesthetics. Providing facial aesthetics and cosmetic dental treatments that are carried out by qualified medical professionals.

Bridal Survival Kit!

Many brides-to-be will get so tied up with planning for their big day that they can forget about this! A bridal survival kit will need to be packed in advance and also made sure that it is kept in a safe place for family/friends to take to the venue. The bridal survival kit should have…

MK Mehndi – Meesha Kotecha

(Specialised in Bridal Mehndi) I have come across Meesha for a number of years now and I wouldn’t want to forget to mention how brilliant she is! She is my vendor of the week this week for her gorgeous mehndhi designs for brides.

5 Bridal Shoe Styles

I have been so excited to write a blog about shoes, because they are girl’s best friend! When coming to picking the right bridal shoes, it’s all about finding the perfect style and fit which will be just as comfortable on the day. There are so many different styles to choose from, depending on your…