Nimeeta Vyas – Henna Artist

When talent meets creativity, qualified Henna artist from London – Nimeeta Vyas.

Nimeeta Vyas is a qualified henna artist from London, but travels the UK and internationally. Henna passion has always been a part of Nimeeta since she was little, helping her to relax. But, 6 years ago she decided to take this on as a regular job as her passion had grown even stronger.

She was trained at the Ash Kumar Academy in January 2014. Nimeeta mentioned “Mr Kumar has always been a huge inspiration of my journey and whenever I have met him he has always said how proud he was – which has always been within me.”

Nimeeta mentions that her work is inspired from all other artists who are all fab at what they do and an inspiration! As a henna artist you can pick a design, add your own unique twist and that’s the best you can do – crediting the original artists for their innovative thinking.

Most of the time, to be honest 90% of the time she will also have at least one hand adorned in henna, especially when she’s checking out a henna stain or trying out a new pattern.

Henna for me is a passion I love, I get to be open, free and creative whilst adorning the customers hands with beautiful, safe henna. I do this as I get to be creative, I get to meet all the amazing people and sometimes I get to meet them more than once – I tend to remember almost everyone I’ve had a conversation with. For me any time is anytime.

You can have a look at Nimeeta’s work on her page here –

Or contact Nimeeta on 07739098934

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