Bridal Mehndi Telling Tales…

I feel that wedding mehndi is such a huge aspect for brides, building up the moments to the wedding day.

Within a traditional Asian wedding, the bride should follow rituals to apply henna to her arms and feet before her wedding day. Not only does the mehndi create beautiful designs for her wedding day, but ancient findings show that the herbal ingredients help relieve stress and cool the body for her big day.

I feel that it is so important for the bride to have the right patterns to suit her own style and personality. If she is quite simple and elegant, the mehndi designs should reflect this.

Patterns and designs have now moved on from more traditional aspects to those which tell a story. I absolutely adore the modern aspect of having a twist on traditional but yet more detailed designs which have more than just pattern but tell a story. Here are some of my favourite Mehndi designs for brides which tell their beautiful love story!

Mehndi 1

Mehndi 2

Mehndi 3

Mehndi 4

Mehndi 5

Mehndi 6

Mehndi 7

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  1. So good. I would pick first and 5th for my wedding. 😊


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