Which Hand Jewellery Are You?

Hand jewellery are becoming incredibly popular for brides, whether it would be for their wedding day or pre-wedding events.

Take a look at some of our favourite designs and concepts suited to your own personal style. For me, I absolutely love the regal look for the traditional wedding day. But I would also love to get fresh floral hand jewellery created by florists for any pre-wedding events! Which style suits you?

1. Fun – A super fun floral head and hand jewellery look for any mendhi or sangeet ceremony.

Hand Flower 1

2. Majestic – The traditional hand jewellery sets to match your necklace and earrings with lots of glamour!

Hand Jewellery 2

3. Elegant – Simple sets for elegant brides who aren’t looking for anything too heavy.

Hand Jewellery 3

4. Floral – Mix of floral and beaded jewellery for a modern look!

Hand Jewellery 4

5. Regal – A regal bride with crafted and traditional jewellery pieces.

Hand Jewellery 5

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