5 Fashion Trends From Sabyasachi’s New Collection

Beginning of this week Sabysachi Mukherjee released his Sping/Summer 2019 bridal collection all over social media and we couldn’t resist but to write about the eye spotting fashion trends from the collection…

1. Long Bridal Veils

That’s right, long bridal veils are now are thing for Asian brides and they look absolutely beautiful. Sabysachi has bought in net embroidery veils into his collection which look so elegant but yet traditional at the same time.

2. Statement Jewellery

Just can’t get over Sabyasachi’s new handcrafted jewellery collection – It’s definitely all about regal statement pieces that can be layered with multiple pieces to build up the outfit.

3. Plunge Blouses

One style we can definitely see coming through from the collection is plunge neck blouses for 2019 and going into 2020. This neck style adds so much definition to the outfit with a very unique feel.

4. Full Embroidery and Detail

Just can’t get over the beautiful, hand crafted embroidery in the lenghas within the collection. But what we’re also seeing is the detail and traditional embroidery in the full outfit including the blouses and dupattas too, giving a complete luxurious look.

5. Experimental Acid Tones

Sabysachi has bought beautiful and traditional colours into his collection including reds and browns. But he introduced ‘Acid’ tones into his collection with bright pinks and yellows, and no doubt that these experimental colours are going to be trending!

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