10 Wedding Planning Tips for Brides

I’ve got the quickest top 10 tips for the brides who have just started to plan their wedding! Simple, but effective. 

1. Outline a budget and don’t forget to stick to it

The very first step you should take when starting to plan your wedding is to outline the budget. Filter it down to different areas such as pre-wedding events, wedding ceremony and reception. You can also then set budgets allocated to your venue, catering and the larger aspects of your event. 

2. Work together with your partner

It’s always important to plan together with your partner, making sure that both have input in the whole planning process.

3. Set out your priorities

It’s very easy to get sidetracked and start planning the fun areas which you could do closer to the wedding. Make sure you stick to your bigger priorities, and think about the smaller details later on.

4. Create a vision board

Creating a vision board is one of the best ways to build your dream wedding and also share interests with your partner. Pinterest is great for this, or even better creating a scrapbook.

5. Stay organised

Most importantly, the key to keeping on track is staying organised. Create spreadsheets, use wedding planners, folders and books!

6. Talk to couples who have recently got married

There’s nothing better than getting advice from couples who have recently got married. Sharing their thoughts, ideas and how they planned their own wedding will help to inspire you. It’s also a great way to find suppliers for your own events. 

7. Consider a wedding co-ordinator

Wedding co-ordinators are fab! They will let you plan your own wedding, just the way you would like it to be. However on the day, they will be in control to make sure that your events run so smooth and stress-free as possible!

8. Add a personal touch

Whether its your similar interests, occupation or hobby – add that personal touch to your wedding and events to make it unique just for you!

9. Don’t let your family and friends stress you out

Having too many opinions from your family and friends is one of the main reasons why brides reach their stressing point. Remember that it’s your and your partner’s day. 

10. Have fun!

Most importantly – Have fun! Enjoy the entire process, no matter how hectic it may be for you. 

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