Wedding Planning Through Covid-19

It’s certainly been a difficult time for us all during this unexpected pandemic. For many, couples have had to postpone their big day to later this year, or even right through to 2021. But I’m sure when the big day does come around, the celebrations will be worth the wait!

Although it’s difficult to go on venue visits, food tasting and have face to face meetings with some suppliers – here’s a few things you can be focusing on right now.

1. Breakdown Budgets 

Create that utter long spreadsheet, scoping out your main budgets for different aspects of your wedding. It will definitely help you later down the line.

2. Shortlist Venues

Do your research and shortlist the venues that will work for you. List out the pros and cons for each, and try to plan a venue visit when it’s an appropriate time.

3. Create Moodboards

Get inspired! Make the most out of this time to get creative by using Pinterest, Instagram and other social websites to get an idea of themes. (This doesn’t just have to be decor, think about outfits, glam, jewellery, food, home decor!)

4. Read Full T&C’s

Although you might have booked a few suppliers in advance, make sure you read contracts and the Terms & Conditions thoroughly.

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  1. Ed Pereira Photography says:

    Nice tips! I’ve also written about how just couple shoots should be safe now!


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