Taal Noir

Bringing you something so gorgeous and unique within the wedding industry this week. Taal Noir – Luxury jewellery pieces perfect for the modern-day bride.

When I saw the pieces by Taal Noir I really couldn’t get my eyes off the beautiful fashion jewellery pieces. They are so gorgeous, elegant and unique at the same time. Taal Noir is a London-based brand, providing modern and contemporary accessories designed by¬† the amazing Shivani Pathak.

When it comes to the modern bride, its all about classy statement earrings and gorgeous cocktail rings – making her look elegant and sophisticated to complete and fulfil her outfit. This is exactly what Taal Noir’s modern jewellery brings to the industry, with contemporary representation of India’s rich and majestic tradition.

The statement earrings, necklaces and rings from Taal Noir are great to either complement or contrast with your outfit and make a real statement. These pieces have also previously been worn by the likes of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and Blogger Diipa Khosla. Taal Noir has also been featured in Vogue UK (https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/jewellery-brands-to-know-summer-2019).

Taal Noir Royal ArchMy favourite statement piece is the Royal Arch Peacock Earrings which are 18k gold-plated brass and hand-set with Swarovski Gemstones! These earrings are so easy to wear and certainly complements and completes any pre-wedding outfit. These earrings also sit within the Mughal Sonata collection which embraces the noble peacock along with fusions of Indian, Islamic and European influences.

These fine and modern pieces are absolutely perfect for wedding cocktail dinners, sangeet night or any of your wedding events. What I absolutely love about Taal Noir is how using these exquisite materials brings the essence of fine jewellery into the industry – giving a real lavish look but also an exclusive experience for the modern bride.

Have a look at their exquisite range of jewellery for yourself and be completely inspired – taalnoir.com



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