3 Really Easy Ways To Create An Atmosphere

  • Chairs

The type of chairs you utilise for your wedding day or reception impacts the setting for your guests. Chair covers can look absolutely great and can fill up the venue if you feel that there are empty spaces. However, if the venue is quite tight then this might also fill up your room making it look really tight. Alternative options would then be to look at  chivari chairs which makes the atmosphere more sophisticated and spacey.

  • Mood Lighting

The lighting inside or outside of your venue is can be such an impact. Having mood lighting in different tones suited to your theme really helps to set the mood and atmosphere which you’re looking for.

  • Late Night Food

Keeping your guests fed throughout the night is a key factor when making sure they have  had a good time. Let the atmosphere and energy keep going right till the end by giving them late night snacks or food to finish off the party.

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