How To Keep A Small Wedding

Sometimes all bride and grooms want is a small wedding with their immediate friends and family. Here are a few tips to help you make that decision and make your planning smoother for a smaller wedding.

1. Keep your guest list small

The key to keeping a small and intimate wedding is cutting you guest list completely and limiting it to just immediate family and close friends.

2. Skip anything that isn’t important

Being able to skip the non-important rituals will help to play a key part on the wedding ceremony itself, helping you to save time.

3. Go for simplistic but elegant designs

When planning a smaller scale wedding, you are able to experiment more with your theme with more simplistic but elegant designs.

4. Focus on finer details

Along with your main wedding planning preparations, you will have more time to focus on the finer details which adds quality to your wedding.

5. Manage expectations of family and friends

With a small number of guests, it’s important to manage the expectations of family and friends and make sure they are equally involved.

6. Spend time with all your guests

With limited numbers, you are able to spend a lot much more quality time with all your guests. This will also let your guests feel much more involved with your pre-event and wedding functions.

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