Trend Shoot – Whimsical Chic

Something new and trending on the blog this week. We bring to you a new trend style shoot – Whimsical Chic. Put together by a handful of talented professionals in the wedding industry!

Did someone say SILK and VELVET?

With Bridal Asia taking place across this weekend in India, our favourite designers have started showcasing their Winter 2019 bridal collections.

Taal Noir

Bringing you something so gorgeous and unique within the wedding industry this week. Taal Noir – Luxury jewellery pieces perfect for the modern-day bride.

5 Fashion Trends From Sabyasachi’s New Collection

Beginning of this week Sabysachi Mukherjee released his Sping/Summer 2019 bridal collection all over social media and we couldn’t resist but to write about the eye spotting fashion trends from the collection…

Sajaa Online Indian Jewellery Boutique

I’m so excited to write about my Vendor of The Week this week – Sajaa Online Indian Jewellery Boutique. Specialising in authentic and beautiful handmade Indian jewellery which are so gorgeous for any of your special events!

5 Bridal Shoe Styles

I have been so excited to write a blog about shoes, because they are girl’s best friend! When coming to picking the right bridal shoes, it’s all about finding the perfect style and fit which will be just as comfortable on the day. There are so many different styles to choose from, depending on your…

Don’t Forget To Capture Your Lengha

One of the upcoming trends which I have noticed over the year is capturing the Bride’s Lengha in various photo shoots and styles. The bridal outfit is probably going to be one of the most expensive, unique and precious outfits that you are going to wear. Hence you would want it to be captured in…