Your Guide To Venue Types

One of the very first steps for planning your wedding is deciding where you would like to get married. For many couples it’s a matter of preference towards the type of venue which suits the style and type of ceremony which they would like to hold.

A lot of these venues will be dependant on a variety of factors for example the number of guests invited to the wedding, the type of facilities within the venue and finally entertainment factors. The first and foremost planning action you should take is filtering down to the type of venue you would like to look for from few of the below options…

1. Banqueting Suites

The benefits of banqueting suites is that they are so spacious and accommodating if you have a large number of guests.

Newland Manor.jpg

Newland Manor 2.jpg

2. Manor Gardens

Heritage manors and houses are perfect if you are looking for a venue with beautiful landscapes and gardens.

Stowe House.jpg

3. Hotels

The suites and halls in hotels can be ideal for weddings if you are looking for a place that’s located quite nearby.

Fairmont Hotel.jpg

4. Sporting Venues

If you’re looking for something that’s quite unique which might resonate with your personality and hobbies, also great space! These can range from cricketing venues, golf courses, to jockey clubs.


Edgbaston Cricket Ground.jpg

5. House of Worship

And the most beautiful places of them all are the ones which resonate with your religion and traditions – From a Mandir, Gurudwara, Mosque or a Church.

Neasden Temple.jpg

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