Mobile Moments

Specialised in UK’s first ever Rikshaw Photo Booth! I am so happy to announce my vendor of the week this week because it’s  just so fun and unique! Mobile Moments are UK’s most exciting photo booth which I have come across. They are perfect for weddings, receptions, parties, birthdays – literally everything! Mobile Moments capture…

Top 5 Sangeet Dance Songs

So wedding season has approached and a lot of family and friends may have been asked to do a dance for the sangeet night or reception! If you are thinking, “where do I even start” then here’s some suggestions for you.

Create A Mood Board To Ease You Into Planning

If you are thinking “where on earth do I start with all this wedding planning” then the answer is a creative mood board! From the day wedding bells ring you will start to hear about so many different things and ideas from family and friends. My suggestion to you is to start with a mood…

Pretty Tipi Tents

You must be thinking TiPi tents for Asian Weddings? I say yes certainly!