Create A Mood Board To Ease You Into Planning

If you are thinking “where on earth do I start with all this wedding planning” then the answer is a creative mood board! From the day wedding bells ring you will start to hear about so many different things and ideas from family and friends. My suggestion to you is to start with a mood board sectioned into different areas.

A wedding mood board can begin with base ideas such as colours, themes, pictures of staging set ups which you absolutely adore and dream of. Start looking at social media websites, Instagram and Pinterest which have loads and loads of wedding ideas. If you see anything that catches your eye (like unique wedding favours or decoration pieces) just print it off and stick it on your mood board. You can also create different mood boards for different areas if you wanted to go into more detail, for example wedding dresses, wedding hairstyles, centrepieces, colour combinations and flower arrangements.

The wedding mood board will definitely help you build on your ideas and aid you in creating a theme which suits both you and your partner. Wedding mood boards are perfect to take to your vendors or wedding planners, they will have a much better idea of want you really want. It will help them create that super stylish theme which you have dreamt of.

Mood board

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