5 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

A wedding can look even more extravagant and unique when the decor and little touches are personalised to the bride and groom. Personalising a wedding or reception can also create a luxury feel and create an amazed reaction from your guests. Here are few ideas for what you can do to personalise your wedding or…

5 Ways To Create A Wowing Factor First Dance

Your wedding first dance is one of the most memorable part of your reception night. To make it look even more beautiful in photographs why not try making it more magical with the below options. I am sure your guests will be so amazed with how magical it will look.

S Romel Photography

Specialised in Wedding Photography. For this week’s Vendor of the Week I am so happy to announce ‘S Romel Photography’. They are a specialised and talented Asian wedding photography company who are based in the Midlands. However, they cover a range of locations around UK and also including global destination weddings.

7 Money Saving Tips by The Asian Wedding Guide

When you’re planning for your wedding, you won’t realise how quickly everything starts adding up. You can manage to save money through suppliers or even small areas which you can manage yourself. Here are my top seven money saving tips for your wedding!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

The excitement of asking your family member or best friend to be your bridesmaid is more than incredible! Make that moment even more special by asking your bridesmaids in a way which makes it more unique and unforgettable. There are so many ways you can ask them to be your bridesmaid – Small gift, card,…

Top 5 Unique UK Venues

If you are looking for a venue which is slightly unique and stands out from the rest then this blog is just for you. To find a venue which accommodate guests for an Asian Wedding and also to have flexibility whilst choosing your own vendors can be difficult. I have come across a few venues…

5 Bridal Shoe Styles

I have been so excited to write a blog about shoes, because they are girl’s best friend! When coming to picking the right bridal shoes, it’s all about finding the perfect style and fit which will be just as comfortable on the day. There are so many different styles to choose from, depending on your…

Ayesha Ziya

Today’s Vendor of the Week is very different to a few of my other selections. Ayesha Ziya fragrances caught my eye when I was looking through my social media pages. I was amazed by the type of fragrances which she had produced and the elegant and prestigious packaging of the bottles. Ayesha Ziya was kind enough…

The Stylish Letter Trend

I’m sure you must have seen these fancy letters around… these 3D letters are making an appearance at a number of different venues. I really do love this new trend, and I feel that it is a feature which makes a beautiful impact at the venue and in photographs.

Ananya Cards

Specialised in wedding invites and stationery. This week’s Vendor of the Week is a completely unique vendor within the Asian wedding industry. Ananya amazed me at the first instance with their incredible designs and products, suiting various wedding styles and modern trends. Each and every design is personalised and bespoke, suited to the bride and…