Pretty Tipi Tents

You must be thinking TiPi tents for Asian Weddings? I say yes certainly!

Tipi tents are a type of marquees which are mostly pointed, but with slightly less height. They are absolutely perfect for pre-wedding events and garden parties. Especially with the British weather you can never plan to hold an event outdoor without shelter. Tipi tents can be available in a range of different sizes, accommodating from 50 to even 500 guests! There are so many different types of set ups which you can probably customise or plan to have that is suitable for your event. Tipi tents have started to become incredibly popular for weddings due to the style and unique ambiance that it creates.

What I especially love about Tipi tents is that it adds that unique feel and touch to the event in comparison to a standard marquee. They would be absolutely perfect for Mehndi parties or Sangeet nights because the shape of the tents allows a spacious and exciting area. You can customise and brighten up the Tipis as much as you like by adding lighting, lanterns, buntings and colourful decoration. I love the fact that they can be kept half open so it is not entirely closed off, allowing you to use the rest of the grassland around you.

Check out this beautiful picture of a lit up Tipi tent with fairy lights, enough room for guests to sit, talk and mingle!

Tipi 1

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