7 Money Saving Tips by The Asian Wedding Guide

When you’re planning for your wedding, you won’t realise how quickly everything starts adding up. You can manage to save money through suppliers or even small areas which you can manage yourself. Here are my top seven money saving tips for your wedding!

  1. Prioritise – Chunk up the areas which are particular important for the bride and groom and spend less money on the areas which aren’t as important for the couple.
  2. Packages – You may not know all the services which vendors can offer you until you ask. Suppliers can offer a huge range of services and packages in different areas which can save you searching for other suppliers. Grab a great package off them!
  3. Budget – Always start off by having an overall budget. Then section the overall budget by the different areas so you know exactly what your looking for.
  4. Take Your Time – Spend time looking at different vendors and all the different options and styles. You might end up finding the perfect one that’s just within your budget!
  5. Venue – Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use just their vendors, this will also open you up to further options. Also try to find a venue which doesn’t require much decor and set-up.
  6. DIY – Everyone loves a bit of wedding DIY, you can personalise it as much as you want but make sure it doesn’t end up looking so cheap. Find the balance of how much you should DIY.
  7. Finally – Learn to understand what you need and what you don’t need. (Napkins with your name on?)

Leave a comment below – I would leave to hear more wedding money saving tips from you!

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