S Romel Photography

Specialised in Wedding Photography.

For this week’s Vendor of the Week I am so happy to announce ‘S Romel Photography’. They are a specialised and talented Asian wedding photography company who are based in the Midlands. However, they cover a range of locations around UK and also including global destination weddings.

S Romel Photography provides unique services by working with clients of all faiths with different backgrounds, from all over the world. Their aim is to tell the story of your day without getting in the way. This is what you really want to receive from a photographer on your wedding day, and to portray it in a completely different and unique perspective.

S Romel Photography understands their client needs and cover weddings from big to intimate and also work with clients to tell a story that will look timeless in years to come. Get in touch with S Romel Photography and check out some of their fantastic work on Instagram and below –

www.sromel.com | Email – info@sromel.com | Instagram – @S.Romel


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