Trend Shoot – Whimsical Chic

Something new and trending on the blog this week. We bring to you a new trend style shoot – Whimsical Chic. Put together by a handful of talented professionals in the wedding industry!

Anika Chauhan –

This was inspired for my love of east meets west.

I love creating blend in everything I do, creating individual yet classic looks that could work for any occasion.

Whimsical chic shows a bridesmaid being playful and looking stunning in her gorgeous Hotel suite.

The background being tasteful with a hint of colour. A gold bath tub, adding absolute luxury with flowers cascading around her.

The latter of the shoot showing a real warmth and hint of sexiness.

I wanted to create a complete contrast from the previous look adding a high fashion element.

Surrounded by warm red lighting and a striking black outfit shows, with little in the background so you can solely focus on the model.

I invite you to join Anika Chauhan’s vision and enjoy our whimsical chic images.

Photography: @kamvaghela
HMUA: @anikachauhan
Venue: @winstanleyhouseleic
Cake: @roseandvioletcakecompany
Models: @annamariaburdzy & @parinachauhan
Florist: @nicheflowersleicester

Whimsical Chic 1Whimsical Chic 2Whimsical Chic 3Whimsical Chic 4Whimsical Chic 5Whimsical Chic 6Whimsical Chic 7Whimsical Chic 8Whimsical Chic 9Whimsical Chic 10Whimsical Chic 12Whimsical Chic 13Whimsical Chic 14Whimsical Chic 15

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