Jaisalmer Gin

This week I bring you something completely unique within the Asian wedding industry. Where luxury meets royalty – Jaisalmer Gin.

When it’s come to trending drinks and cocktails in the past few years, the favourite drink on the streets right now has to be gin! Everyone is tasting, exploring and experimenting different types of gins as well as flavours and cocktails. One of the on-trend spirits right now is exotic gin, where people are starting to favour into carefully crafted gin.

Jaisalmer Gin is an Indian crafted gin which steps away from the usual and takes you into the traditional land of royalty. You’ve probably experienced and tasted a drink nothing as majestic as this drink with traditional blends and flavours. When I tried this unique gin, I could really taste traditional blends of spices and had tasted nothing as quite unique as this.

No better idea than having Jaisalmer Gin as one of your alcoholic drinks for your Asian wedding events. Bring the homeland to your wedding celebrations by letting your guests experience the true taste of royalty with crafted ingredients such as Indian botanical and spices. The bottle and packaging looks just as royal and elegant! (You might even want an Indian Gin bar at your wedding event).

Try out this exclusive drink for yourself and let it be a talking point for your guests at your wedding! jaisalmergin.com

Trade Contact –
Speciality Drinks: london@specialitydrinks.com|
Tel: 02088 389444


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