Unique Entertainment Ideas For Your Guests

Keeping your guests entertained at your wedding reception is becoming incredibly popular. Having Bollywood dances by family and friends are absolutely perfect for this, However if you fancy putting on something incredible for your guests then check out some of these ideas!

1. Fire Performers – Let them light up your dance floor by having fire breathers or fire dancers!

Fire Performer.jpg

2. Fireworks Display – If your venue is large enough, why not put on an outdoor firework show to end the night, or even indoor?

Wedding fireworks.jpg

3. Caricaturist – Something so unique and a great memory to take away from your wedding.


4. Circus Acts – So much to choose from to suit your theme and style, from aerial acts to magicians.

Circus Acts.jpg

5. Drummers – Set the room on high energy with a group of live walking or performing drummers from different origins.


6. Silent Disco – Why not have a silent disco segment at your reception to really switch things up?

Silent Disco.jpg

7. In a Bubble – Musicians or dancers in a giant bubble, now that’s something incredibly unique!


8. LED Robots – The perfect party starters and ravers to your incredible reception night!

LED robot.jpg

9. Ball Pit – And finally a giant ball pit for the perfect fun and pictures for your guests.

Ball Pit.jpg


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