How is the Millennial generation reacting towards Asian weddings? Are we stepping away from lavish affairs?

A blog that’s quite different to one of my usual hints and tips. Today I’m discussing a very crucial topic within the current Asian wedding industry, which probably impacts every Asian family across the globe.

Asian Weddings have always been stereotyped as lavish, luxury, grand, ceremonies after ceremonies and most of all ‘The big fat Asian wedding’. But what does this all mean in the current society and generation which we are living in?

In today’s current Asian wedding industry, the couples which are tying the knot are mostly falling into the Millennial generation segment – This means that these individuals have grown up with technology around them and they are aged between 23 to 38 (in 2019). Millennials are very much demanding, they want mostly everything linked with technology and also personalised to their choice and personality. They also prefer  valuable experiences over items.

So what does this really mean towards the Asian wedding industry?

Personally, as a Millennial myself I believe that the matter of ‘lavish’ and ‘luxury’ weddings is not a priority for the current generation. Millennials would much rather spend their savings and money on future investments such as houses and items which provide more value to them. The generation are now also stepping away from grand traditional ceremonies, to much more intimate and smaller weddings.

With the rise of mental health and looking after one’s wellbeing – This has also impacted the way in which individuals think about their personal celebrations. There have been many weddings where the bride and groom have requested ‘no phones’ or ‘no pictures’ in order to maintain privacy for a couple’s relationship. We will continue to see the importance of mental health on the rise in comparison to one’s wealth and luxury lifestyle. This definitely moves away from lavish Asian weddings, and couples will plan smaller scale weddings which will be significant to a couple’s relationship.

Lastly, the importance of individuality and ethical considerations is becoming much more relevant, rather than thinking about the below stereotypical thoughts of an Asian household.

“What will the community think?”

Our family needs to be impressed”

“They did it, so we should do it even better?” 

The Millennial generation are moving away from these judgemental thoughts which have been passed down from generations. They are more likely to be concerned over friends and relatives which tend to be on their guest list, and if it’s even worth inviting such people they don’t even know?

Ofcourse, this doesn’t mean that the Asian wedding industry is declining, but it’s actually on the rise. It just means that the way in which couples are planning their wedding is definitely revolutionising and expectations are differing. Bride and grooms will be less concerned about the society, and more interested in their personal choices, interests, lifestyle and future stability. This also doesn’t mean that wealthier families won’t hold luxury affairs, it just means that the millennial generation wouldn’t anticipate to plan at this standard.

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