Box A Pooja

This week it’s great to write about a very unique and perfect kit within the wedding industry – ‘Box a Pooja’ the experts in providing a hassle-free Hindu wedding ceremony!

During a Hindu wedding the ceremony involves uniting the bride and groom through a religious Pooja which is conducted by the Priest. During the Pooja, a number of essential items are required to conduct the ceremony as well as the pre-wedding events. Each item holds a significant meaning which has been passed onto many generations to hold its religion and tradition.

One of the difficulties in preparing for the Hindu Pooja is that it can be very time consuming to gather all essential items, as there are many other wedding planning priorities. Families are still needing to visit multiple places or locations to look for these items in UK and even in India. However, make your wedding planning so much easier by getting the whole kit of items delivered straight to your door in UK! How convenient and time-saving is this?!

I absolutely love the concept of ‘Box a Pooja’ where all the essential items and samagri can be purchased as a kit without any hassle – all packaged and delivered in a special box. This even includes delivery straight to a destination wedding, making it very hassle-free for you and your family. Two different Pooja kits are available – One for the Bride and the other for the Groom. Alongside all of this, your box can be personalised to your requirements and each of the items in the kit are beautifully decorated to make your wedding ceremony even more special.

‘Box a Favour’ – Box a Pooja have also just launched ‘Box a Favour’ which is all about cute and beautiful little favours. You will be able to find all types of unusual and quirky favours from trinket boxes to carved elephants, also including customisable favours which will make a great momento of your big day for your loved ones.

Check out ‘Box a Pooja’ website to order yours –

Box a pooja 1

Box a pooja 2

box a favour pics .JPG


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