Dhairya Weds Pruthvi – Homeland Indian Wedding

This time I am so excited to write about such a unique, traditional but modern wedding which took place in Gujarat, India.

This wasn’t just a normal Indian wedding, however a special 5 year wedding renewal vows for both the bride and groom – Celebrating with their close family and friends! The bride and groom flew over to their homeland – India to renew their vows as their first ceremony was an intimate tying of the knot.

The pre-wedding ceremony kicked off with the Mendhi ritual, followed by the Haldi ceremony for both the bride and groom. The Haldi ceremony for the bride is just what we all dream of at a destination wedding – Outdoor settings, fresh flowers and beautiful bright colours! I can’t get over how blooming the bride looks with her close family and friends. The outdoor atmosphere just provides that extra beauty and surroundings to your pre-wedding events.

This was then followed by the main wedding event, taking place in it’s own traditional way in India. Firstly, the groom arrived on a horse and carriage where family and friends celebrated in procession along the way. The bride looked just as stunning on her big day dressed in common bridal colours, with an outdoor ceremony in the evening and thereafter dinner. The fresh floral decor and lighting incorporated within the mandap gave an enchanting theme for the evening with plenty of space for celebration!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their dream wedding – check out the stunning pictures captured below…


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  1. J D Boricha says:

    Suparb mrg life all time D and puthu


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