Proposal Takeover: Bhavik & Shivani. Captured by Kam Vaghela

We’re super excited to share one of our most exciting projects yet – a few months back we started planning the most romantic proposal for Bhavik and Shivani. Congratulations to the most perfect couple on their new chapter…

The idea captivated a very intimate proposal, however very much Bollywood style which had never been seen or done before. Bhavik wished for a location that was so unique, with a romantic dinner and outdoor movie set up. The inspiration had come from the movie Dostana – the scene with John Abraham treating Priyanka Chopra on her birthday, featuring Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as their chosen movie in an open air garden.

When it came to searching for the location, we were fortunate to discover internationally renowned Stowe Landscape Gardens – a National Trust site located on the outskirts of Buckinghamshire. Parts of this site is also where the well known movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham was filmed. With over 250 acres of landscape gardens, there was a beautiful hidden cave (The Grotto) which was the perfect spot to have an open air cinema screen, cosy cushion seats, a romantic dinner and instrumental music to top it off.

The proposal day had began with watching the movie at home with pizza, which Bhavik then had asked Shivani to get ready. The dress and heels were ready waiting upstairs for Shivani, followed by a surprise journey to Stowe gardens. Shivani had absolutely no idea where she was heading to or what expect. The staff at Stowe were all involved in the act by giving the couple a tour of the gardens on a buggy which then dropped them off right outside the Grotto. We were so delighted when we heard that Shivani was in absolute shock and in tears as soon as she saw the set up inside…

We are so grateful to Stowe for making this memorable occasion so unforgettable! Finally, when it came to photography, no one could have captured the moment so perfectly other than Kam Vaghela! He captured each of the top spots of the gardens beautifully with many of the historical monuments. Enjoy browsing through the most charming photographs below. Don’t forget to watch the full video of the set up too on our Instagram and Facebook!

For more details about planning a proposal, get in touch through any of our social media sites.

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The set up…


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