Shyam Music

Specialised in Wedding Ceremony Music

I feel so proud to write about this week’s vendor of the week because the team are excellent in the niche market which they operate in.

Shyam Music are providers of specialist and unique wedding ceremony music. They honestly are the experts at creating a magical atmosphere during the entire wedding ceremony. Shyam Music aim to connect each individual guest with every step of the ceremony and making each wedding  ritual an engaging one with perfectly matching music.

Shyam Music utilises sounds based on the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony and rituals from beginning to end. The musical notes are co-ordinated along with the Priest’s sacred service, creating a perfect harmony on the special day. Shyam Music cover a range of locations across UK and already have experience working with many UK priests.

Contact Shyam Music –

Email – | Tel – 07527756814



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