Shiv Gopal Music


(Specialising in Hindu wedding ceremony music)

I am so happy to write about my vendor of the week this week – Shiv Gopal Music. I attended a wedding last year and was absolutely blown away by the whole ceremony. I realised how specialised Shiv Gopal Music were in producing the music for the ceremony when I looked further into them.

Shiv Gopal Music only specialise in ‘Silent’ wedding ceremonies which catches full attention of the ceremony by all the guests. I believe that silent weddings are so important because you end up spending so much money and for it to be lost between your guests is the last thing you really want. Shiv Gopal Music work with a selected few priests. The team then write, compose, record and produce all of their ceremony music personalised to your very own wedding and desires. They provide this service continuously throughout the year and are highly skilled and exclusive in what they do and produce.

Shiv Gopal Music for sure will create that joyful and memorable atmosphere at your wedding, making it incredibly unique. They create and personalise music for traditional wedding ceremonies and go right into detail with specific wedding rituals.

For more details visit their website –
or get in touch with them – 07885 786025 and

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