Awesome Pop Up Stalls For Your Mehndi Night

There are so many ways you can pimp up your Mehndi or Sangeet Night using different bars or stalls, food or gifts? Here are some of my favourite and awesome ideas to entertain your guests. They will love to be treated with bright colours on the night also a great way to fill up the venue for colourful decoration.

1. Dupatta Stall – Tye dye dupatta stall fot the ladies and a great modern way for wedding favours.

Bar 1

2. Masala Popcorn – Great creative and spicy with masala style popcorn, your guests will love snacking away with so much choice!

Bar 2

3. Paan Bar – No better way to finish off with a paan bar with different flavours suited for your guests – best dessert!?

Bar 3

4. Dandya Stall – Your sangeet night is incomplete without the traditional garba entertainment. A Dandya stall are perfect favours for your guests and a great way for everyone to get involved!

Bar 4

5 – Bangle Bar – Another great way to gift your guests with a colourful bangle bar (Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan)!

Bar 5

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