Ways To Get Your Bridesmaids Involved

Your bridesmaids are one of the most important guests on your wedding day. They are there from the beginning till the end and wouldn’t want to miss out on a single event. Check out the ways you can get them involved for your special day –

1. The obligatory bridesmaid photo – don’t forget to take the most important photo of them all with your bridesmaid!

bridesmaid photo

2. Make them feel special – Give your bridesmaids a unique and personalised gift, they will absolutely love being spoilt!

Bridesmaid gift.jpg

3. Hen party – Get all personal with merchandise on your hen do, drink, party and throw a great celebration with them.


4. Give them the details – Tell them all your wedding details, your bridesmaids will be there to help solve any issues and know exactly whats going on.

Bride details



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