7 Things we can learn from Bipasha & Karan’s wedding

So the highly anticipated Bollywood wedding of the year took place a couple of weeks. Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover tied the knot on 30th April in Mumbai. The couple only announced their big day a few weeks before the ceremony through Instagram showing an image of their civil wedding ceremony. Both, wedding ceremony and reception evening looked absolutely glamorous, studded with top quality decoration and celebrity guests! But what are my favourite highlights from their wedding which might help inspire you? – Read More

BK 7

1 – Keep a theme – The event had a #monkeywedding theme hashtag throughout the wedding weeks and guests received matching monkey wedding gifts. They are super cool and started trending  on all social media platforms.

BK 6

2 – Love for Candles – I absolutely love this walk way to the stage, the colours and candles show so much simplicity and fill up the venue. Real candles are perfect to use to create that warm ambiance during your wedding ceremony, it just adds that extra touch!

BK 5

3 – Don’t Forget To Say Thank You – Bipasha Basu sent out an adorable message after her wedding day, thanking the two lovely ladies in the picture – one I believe is her sister. Make sure you don’t forget to show appreciation to the ones who have helped you through all the planning and preparation.

BK 4

4 – Photobooths Are Still Fun – I’m the biggest fan of photobooths, from this picture we can just see that you can literally create your own backdrop and props to suit your own personality and theme!

BK 2

5 – It’s Okay To Pull Faces! – It’s absolutely okay to pull faces and capture them moments which represent both the bride and the groom.

BK 1

6- The Glamorous Hair Piece Trend – From their beautiful mehndi night, Bipasha Basu’s outfit and hairpiece stole the evening. A hairpiece looks so glamorous, making your hairstyle super stylish, unique and elegant.

7. Finally – from all the photos I have come across the couple have looked ever so happy and enjoyed each and every moment from it!

Let me know what your favourite bits are from their wedding week and comment below.

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