Ricky Weds Hetal

So my cousin got married last year and it was lovely to attend his wedding reception celebrations on the 1st of August! It was announced as a masquerade themed event and as soon as I stepped into the venue the theme had jumped into action. Waiting outside were fire breathers, welcoming in all guests. Mystique and magical statues were around the entrance to entertain the guests whilst they had their delicious canap├ęs and champagne.

The atmosphere was filled with magical presence with everybody’s glamorous masks. The photobooth was certainly one of the highlights of the night. What I really loved was that a copy of each snap from the photobooth was stuck into the guest book – cherishing each memory! A wishing tree at the foyer also enhanced the guest book idea of writing a lovely message to the bride and groom.

When the bride and groom cut their cake a glamorous fountain of spark filled up the stage behind them. I really did love anything and everything about this theme – oh and the sparkly dance floor! To top it up, guests were thanked with a masquerade mask shaped chocolate on their dinner plates. The whole evening turned out to be very magical with lots of fun, laughter and dancing! And just before I forget that main bit… Ricky’s groom speech – the truthfulness and genuine words which were spoken touched every single person’s heart in the room.

Het weds Rik



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