4 Reasons Why You Need Pre-Wedding Photos – Viran Solanki

Some of our favourite shoots are engagement and pre-wedding sessions, prior to a couple’s big day. Here are Viran Solanki’s top four reasons as to why you need engagement photos before your big day!


Life gets really busy really quickly after you get engaged, every weekend you have gets taken up in wedding planning, meeting members of your other half’s family you haven’t met before, and squeezing every bit of free time with more shopping! It can be easy to forget that being engaged is in itself a point in time to celebrate. An engagement photo session will allow you guys to enjoy this moment and is a brilliant way of documenting the way you guys fell in love!


On the big day itself, the person, besides your new husband/wife, that you will spend the most amount of time with will probably be your photographer. From the getting ready photos in the morning to the first dance at the reception, your photographer will be with you capturing everything along the way. So building and establishing a relationship with your photographer before the big day is really important! During your engagement photo session, you’ll get the chance to share laughs, swap stories and generally just get to know each other, all of which will help make the wedding day run even smoother!


Most couples are not normally at complete at ease with a big camera and lens in front of them. It takes a bit of time to get used to and essentially shake off any awkwardness that you might feel. You can think of your engagement session as a trial run, and allow your photographer to help you to figure your best poses and when to smile, so that on the wedding day itself, you’ll be loose and ready without any additional wedding day butterflies!


As much as the photos will look awesome on your Instagram feed, you can incorporate your engagement photos throughout your wedding day. Photos can be compiled in a personalised and unique guest book, displayed in print and in slideshows at the reception, as well as at any other events such as mehndhi nights or even as part of your favours!

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