5 Trends We Will See In 2019

It’s the blog that we’ve all been waiting for, trying to spot them mega trends for 2019! So here are my top 5…

1. Laser Cut Backdrops

We’ve started to see these in many weddings this year, and without a doubt they will continue into 2019. Laser cut backdrops add the delicacy to your wedding, personalising it with your own taste and personality!

Lasercut 5

2. Neon Word Signs

I’ve just started to see these in Asian weddings and I just can’t express how inspired I was. Definitely will be seeing a lot of imaginative wording for Asian weddings in 2019.

Absolutely loving these Hindi wording signs created by the one and only Artelectric Events.

image2 (1).jpeg

3. More Pop-up Stalls

Pop up stalls have been incredibly popular for sangeet, mehndhi and receptions. These include candy stalls, snack bars and gift stalls. These will continue to grow seeing more and more doughnut walls, dessert stations and plenty others!

Ice Gola

4. Bringing The Outside In

We’ve seen a lot of rustic themes and decoration, but this will definitely continue for 2019 and will be built upon for a couple of years. Bringing in blooming flowers and rustic leaves for your wedding and reception fills up the venue beautifully and can be done to suit your style and colours.

Outside In

5. Touch of Scents

Candles and lanterns have been used for great decor pieces. However, unique and luxury scented candles have started to be used to create the perfect sensory experience. A perfect special touch to lighten up your guests.


Bye Santorini

I think we’ve seen enough of Instagram worthy pictures of Santorini for the past two years – this is definitely one thing that is a bye bye in 2019. We’re looking for more beautiful destinations like Italy, Morocco and India.


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