Sonal Dave – Celebrant & Toastmaster

This week I’m really excited to write about such a unique service within the Asian wedding industry. Sonal Dave – Wedding and Ceremonies Celebrant & Toastmaster.

I have attended many weddings where a Toastmaster and Celebrant has fulfilled their services, and I can’t reiterate how much of a special touch this adds to your wedding or celebration event. By having a celebrant at a wedding, renewal of vows, naming ceremony or funeral services allows great value to your event. Celebrants such as Sonal Dave allow you to hold your event freely, where ever and whenever you want!

Sonal Dave provides all of these services and much more! I was super influenced when I read that Sonal is one of the Top Asian Female Toastmasters and Celebrants in the UK. Not only will her services give you the luxury feel to your event, but also give you the hassle-free and peace of mind during the ceremony.

What I also love about Sonal Dave, as a Celebrant, is the specialised services which are created and personalised just for you. Whatever the ceremony may be, the order of service, vows and ceremony readings can be personalised to suit your story which comes from extensive and a high level of experience.

If you want your wedding or event to run smoothly, and your guests to be treated with class and respect at each and every point of your day, then Sonal Dave will provide the perfect service for you. Check out the fantastic video below where Sonal Dave brings to life her experience and specialised services as a Celebrant, just for you!

Visit Sonal Dave’s website –

Email –

Call – +44 (0) 7940715666



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