Your Quick Guide To Engagement Rings

HI GENTLEMAN! You might just be having thoughts about proposing to your other half, but absolutely clueless on where to start with the engagement ring. For even those ladies who still have no idea about the style and type of engagement rings, but would like to find out more… Here’s what to look out for –


1. Colour

The diamond of the colour is graded from D to Z, ranging from colourless to light yellow.

2. Cut

The cut will refer to how the stone will be cut to increase its sparkle. If the diamond is well cut then then this will have a bright shine.

3. Clarity

The clarity will be how many inclusions the stone has and will range from great to poor.

4. Carat

Finally, the carat is the weight of the stone and will refer back to value of the ring you will choose. The higher the carat you go for, the heavier and bigger the ring will look.

5. Stone Shape

Another important part to engagement rings is the shape of the diamond and these can be defined by the below shapes –

Engagement Ring Shape

6. Metal Type

Lastly, there are a range of metal types to suit the lady – ranging from platinum to gold and silver



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