Trending Amazon Hacks

I always get intrigued by Amazon and the huge range of items which are available to make your wedding even more personalised to you!

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for special items to make your wedding special – There is so much available on Amazon. I’m just going to provide you with a few secret items which are very quick purchases BUT so on trend at the same time! Use them for either your pre-wedding events, parties or your wedding day.

1. Tassles are everywhere! Range in so many different colour palettes to suit your theme.

12 X Orange Apricot Silver Tissue Paper Tassels for Party Wedding Gold Garland Bunting Pom Pom

2. LED Light Balloons are hot and trending right now. They are great decor pieces, transparent balloons with LED lights.

3. Wedding Pom Poms are our favourite, again ranging in so many different colour themes. They really fill up the room and add so much effect.

4. Wooden Confetti are great for personalisation and adds that extra touch to any event. Customise them to your suited way and add that rustic touch!

5. LED Foam Sticks are the perfect craze for your guests, let them party away with these super fun glow sticks!

6. The Wooden Letter trend seems to continue, now you can buy them in any sizes to suit your style and event. Use them in your home, pre-wedding events or for your civil.

7. Finally, these personalised Cake Toppers add nothing but elegance to your wedding cake – so quick and easy to purchase.

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