Home Decor Hacks For Your Wedding

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your home during your pre-wedding events can be quite stressful – especially if you wan’t to stop using boring and the same old saris to drape around your home. Here are some of my favourite hacks to make your house and garden look so beautiful, quick and easy at the same time!

  1. Colourful material draping – get together a beautiful colour scheme.

House hack 1

2. Hanging flower gardens look so gorgeous, especially outdoors!

House hack 2  House Hack 3

3. Lanterns and Candles fill up the space so easily, look so elegant and the same time.

House Hack 4

4. Floating flowers in a bowl is so easy to put together, makes the atmosphere so fresh too!

Floating Flowers

5. Everybody loves fairy lights, indoor or outdoors.

Fairy Lights

6. A home made rangoli for weddings can be so beautiful in the hallway and can take up as much space as you like.



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