Wedding Trends For 2017

As we come into 2017 we are starting to see some trends which will take over the wedding industry. Check out the trends below and start using them in your wedding planning!

All about the atmosphere – In 2017 it will be more about putting details and effort into creating an amazing atmosphere using lighting, decor and technology.


More colour, more colour! – Rather than simplistic and rustic colours, 2017 we will start to see more colours into Asian set ups. Bright colours have always been a favourite in Asian Wedding, however in recent years we have started to see less colours and elegant designs. This is something that will start picking up again.


Destination Weddings – This is something which is rising year on year. Why not take your family and friends abroad and have that dreamy destination wedding. There’s so many destinations and options available to have that wedding which you’ve always dreamt of on a beach with golden sand.


More feasts and late night snacks – We know that these were so trendy in 2016, late night snacks will continue to be favourites for 2017. More vendors will start to offer options of Canapes and varieties of late night snacks.


Effects with technology – Make the most of ever changing technology in 2017. We’ve seen the best of it in 2016 with Geo Snapchat filters and other devices. Don’t forget to use the newest app or tech device on your wedding day!


We love Personalisation – As technology is on the rise, personalisation is a great way to make the wedding very special and close to the bride and groom. This is still our favourite way to glam up every wedding whether its through napkins, personalised LED dance floors or even wedding favours.


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