The Dhol Company

Specialised Dhol Drummers

For this week’s Vendor of the Week, I would like to introduce ‘The Dhol Company’ who are very talented in the sector they play in and provide a variety of services. The Dhol Company is built on years of experience and passion within the Dhol industry and can provide you with some of the best Dhol players for your wedding or reception. The team provide professional Dhol drummers for all occasions and also travel across UK.

The talented team provide a number of services suited to your needs including number of dhol players, experience level and type of performance. The Dhol Company will look at the client’s needs and provide packages built upon the event and requirements. As well as this, The Dhol Company have built the ‘London School of Dhol’ which allows students of all abilities to learn and show their true potential. It’s a great idea to have Dhol players at your event who are based on real experience and talent to make the performance incredible!

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